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Information for the beginning of the 2021/2022 School Year

    Aug. 31 - Meet The Teacher (1:00 - 3:00)

    Sept. 1 - First day of school for grades 1 to 3

    Sept. 3 - First day of school for half of Kindergarten

    Sept. 6 - Labour Day

    Sept. 7 - First Day of school for the 2nd half of Kindergarten students

    Sept. 8 - First Day of school for all Kindergarten students

    Sept. 24 - IPP Day (no school for students)


Thank you to each and everyone of you for a wonderful school year!  Covid certainly had an impact on us but I am very grateful for the way our Vera community responded to the challenges and made it a great year.

Next year’s teachers:

* Kindergarten

     * Mrs. Biollo

     * Mrs. Delaire

     * Mrs. Lloyd

     * Ms. Sarda

* Grade 1

     * Mrs. Kruk

     * Mrs. Jasman

     * Mrs. Przybylski

     * Ms. Theroux

* Grade 2

     * Mrs. Pruden

     * Mrs. Funk

     * Mrs. Lyons


* Grade 3

     * Mrs. Cardinal

     * Mrs. Moghrabi

     * Mrs. Thody


Please join me in congratulating Lois Phillips on her retirement from teaching!  Lois has had a wonderful impact on hundreds of students over her career and will certainly be missed here at Vera!

Please follow us on Facebook as we will be updating our page a few times over the summer months.

Have a wonderful Summer Holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in September!   If you have any questions over the summer please feel free to email me at  It may take me a few days to respond but I will answer your questions as best I can.


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