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September 1st information for parents

Good Morning,

I trust you are enjoying a pleasant Saturday morning.  It feels a little like fall outside this morning and that means school will be starting very soon.  We have been sharing information about our start up through Facebook but I would also like to send it out through email.

When does my child begin school?

  • If your grade 1 to 3 child's last name begins with A to J they start school on Tuesday, September 1st.  If it begins with K to Z they begin on Wednesday, September 2nd.
  • If your child is in Kindergarten, your teacher has called you to let you know when they start.  If you have not heard from them it means that hey have been unable to reach you with the phone numbers we have on file.  Please call them at the school (780-623-4672) next week.

Who is my child's teacher?

Parents and guardians are able to find out their child's classroom teacher through Parent Portal.  If you need more information about this process please click here.  If you need help with signing up please call the school at 780-623-4672.

What happens if my child gets sick at school?

If your child grows ill during the school day we will be asking them to come down to the office area to wait for a parent to come to the school to pick them up. We will only call the parents or, if we are not able to reach a parent, a contact the parents have provided. We will not be notifying Alberta Health Services.

Is there a free hot lunch program at Vera this year?

We are pleased to announce that students at Vera M Welsh will continue to have the option of having a free hot lunch this school year. Students are always welcome to bring their own lunch, but if they would like they can enjoy the lunch provided at school. We have not finalized our menu yet and do not know what will be served during the first week of school, but once we have the menu we will post it so that everyone knows what’s for lunch.

Where do I drop my child off  and pick them up at school?

If your child rides the bus they will be dropped off and picked up at the front doors like they were last year.  Staff will be there to welcome them to school and keep them safe.

Parents are invited to drop off and pick up their children at the school. Please understand that we are changing the process so that we are better able to maintain social distancing and keep our children safe.

We ask that you do not bring students to school before 8:30 but if you need to, please bring them to the gym doors (the green X on the picture). Students will be able to come into the gym and sit in their class cohort area but parents will not be able to enter the school with them.

After 8:30, children with last names that begin with A to J will be able to enter the school through the doors by the outdoor classroom (the pink X on the picture). Children with last names that begin with K to Z will be able to enter the school through the gym (green X). Parents will be able to enter the school with them if they have completed the health screen, are wearing a mask and sanitize their hands when they enter the school. You will also be required to provide your name and phone number. We ask that you park in the parent parking closest to the door you will use and use the crosswalk.

At the end of the day, kids with last names that begin with A to J will be picked up at the pink X and kids with last names that begin with K to Z will be picked up at the green X. Adults picking up the children will need to identify themselves and provide a phone number to the adult at the door. Parents will not be able to enter the school. If you need to come into the school we are asking that you wait until after the last bus has departed and enter the school through the main doors at the front of the school.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher, the school or me if you have any more questions.  We are looking forward to seeing you next week,

Rob Wicker

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